The Long Island VW Club

 LIVC 003

We don’t have words to say thanks at all of you! You are a beautiful club with beautiful people!

Thanks Maria and Steve for these four months of e-mails, since Panamá when we started to change messages. For discover with us the beauty of the botanical garden of NY. Thanks for all the dinners, the breakfast and the all these conversations.

Thanks Andrea and Brad for let us to know your universe of travels and VW. For these wonderful Italian dinner in your house, so relaxing and nice after a day of work on the bus.

Thanks Kristin for being so nice and let us your sweet apartment. We spent two very relaxing days… We hope see you again in France or in Argentina and to have much more conversations!

Thanks Jimmy, for letting us discover Manhattan with a real New York fireman. We will never forget the view from the top of the Empire State and being in the WTC with you was just living History.

Thanks Sue and Don for opening us the doors of your house. For this home waffles that was a pleasure to wake up. And thanks a lot for shared with us your Argentinean restaurant… It was a very nice idea and we spent a very nice moment with you and the Argentinean meat!

Thanks Frank, for opening the doors of your work shop for these old bus. Thanks for work so hard and for all these little details. Thanks for the body paint at midnight and for being so patience. For all the conversations and the tape full of memories that we can’t wait to see!

Thanks too, to all these wonderful people who worked on the bus. Franck, Steve, Don, Peter, Bob, Paul and Brad. Saturday or Sunday, you always were there for save the bus.

For all, for so wonderful moments! Thanks a lot, friends!!!!!

With Steve and Maria 003 Don and Sue With Jimmy 014 Last days 017 Long Island 016 Long Island 008

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Iris and Frank.
    It was our honor and pleasure.
    We all miss you, you brightened up a dreary New York winter.
    Untill next time, be well.
    Maria & Steve
    Massapequa, NY


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