U.S.A. : Inside the TV!

Dears friends:

This time yes, we are writing this new post from the United States of America! It was not so simple to arrive but here we are and we have a lot of things to tell you!  Our last night in Monterrey was very animated. We visited the different VW clubs of the city and received two fabulous gifts: a box for the roof and a GPS! The Mexicans are definetely incredible! 

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René, Mario, Gerardo, Jaquie, you were incredibles! Thanks for everything!

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Tuesday in the morning we left Monterrey around seven o clocks. We took a highway that had to take to us to the border in a little more than two hours but a burned fuse very well hidden decided that we were going to delay a little more. Desperate pushes under rain, search of a crane, adjustment of the fault, buy of insurance … The night was already falling down when we crossed the Rio Bravo.   

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The passage of the North American customs went without inconvenient and we have been very quickly driving on a giant freeway full of luminous signs and all new cars. We realized that Latin America is a very homogeneous group of countries and that we were entering in another world. The great differences are not between Argentina and Mexico but of from a side of the border to the other­­­­. This world is done of other things. Of modern cars and luminous posters but also of middle-class with access to the consumption of the elites of Latin America…

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We spend the night in a parking for truck drivers and our first North American dinner was given to us by a pair of Texans! A good start, no? In the morning, the emotion was very strong. The land of Steinbeck, finally! Thanks to our GPS, we took the direction of Houston going through the isolated roads, discovering and enjoying another aspect of the state: the Texas of the cows and the seeded Earth, little towns and planted fields…

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It is there where the curious sensation that gave its name to this new post began: the one to live in the middle of a movie, in a soap opera for teens after school. All the elements of the landscape make us think of things we saw in a screen. We have the feeling that we´re going to cross Jim or those of Chips at any time!

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The road signs, the very well cleaned streets, the luminous signs, the mailbox with the flags, the drive inn, the barber shops, Clint Eastwood driving a pick-up, boots and jeans on all people´s legs.   You´re going it to miss it but with our new GPS, we´re not going to get lost anymore! We arrive very easily at the house of Jason´s parents where we passed a very pretty Thanksgiving, spending our time eating turkey and ice cream, drinking beer and watching American football. We realized that we all have a Homer Simpson inside us! All the question is to dominate him!

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Wide screen, nice people, very good food, giant home, three garages, freedom flags and good wibes, all was perfect!

Coming 092 Second act in Angela’s parents Home. Angelas is Jason’s wife.

We took the road of the north on Friday and took advantage of the Thanksgiving´s holiday to discover the downtown of Houston, one of the USA´s bigger cities. It´s an amazing spectacle. Our books of geography didn´t lie to us and the city is the combination of an immense flat periphery and a very small but very high center.

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Its atmosphere is very particular. At first the glance is astonished and it goes seeing through all sides. Soon a part of us begins to look for something that it does not find. It delay a little bit in thinking in the question but finishes finding what is missing: this city does not have soul! It needs these pieces of history and this kind of disorder that makes us think that others came here before us.

Next weeks are going to tell us if this sensation came from the absence of movement or if it comes from the urban forms. One thing is certain: we just stepped a new planet and we are not going to feel boring!


  1. Hola chicos.. !!! wao finalmente llegaron A USA!! parece mentira..y siento que hace pokito estuvieron aca... las fotos estan como siempre impresionantes.. jeje.. y la Chancha se ve d lujo....y ahora con GPs!! jej e no hay perdedero.. =).. Les mando un abrazo grande...

  2. Valla Estados Unidos...!
    Un Abrazo chicos cada vez se acerca mas la
    meta. es realmente como si nosotros les acompañaramos en esa travesia sentimos el mismo
    nervio y la misma alegria de ver que andan en
    suelo NorteAmericano. no estria mal franck
    escribieran en thesamba su historia y dubieran algo de fotos sobre su travesia y asi contactar
    amigos de aquel lado del Riobravo.

    un saludo y extrañandoles igual..

    Juan Navarro

  3. Da gusto ver que ya estan en E.U.

    Un abrazo desde Guadalajara.
    su amigo Oswaldo Perez (white vw)

  4. Ah je vois que le géographe-urbaniste a toujours les neurones en plein fonctionnement ;-) Welcome to the USA en tout cas et prenez soin de vous. Gros bisous

  5. Estimados amigos espero que su viaje siga como hasta ahora, desde Queretaro seguimos su viaje y por supuesto en nuestras oraciones nos acordamos de ustedes. Les falta poco para llegar a su primera meta NY, ojala y se pueda cotinuar como es su deceo, mucha suerte y seguimos sus pasos, abrazos para Iris y para ti Frank, su amigo JJ Orozco.

  6. Vive le GPS !On voit que l'accueil est toujours au rendez vous et la bonne table aussi
    Nous aussi venons de vivre un très bon week end en famille et la table fut excellente, quelques bons petits plats concoctés par votre tante Hélène, hum le gigot d'agneau et la tagine de poissons....
    Prenez bien soin de vous et bonne route
    Denise & Annick.

  7. Excelente por fin en USA. Poco a poco se aproximan a la meta,,saludos Iris y Franck,estamos al pendiente de su trayecto,cuidense y suerte, desde Leon Gto. Mexico...!!!!


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