2010, a big year!

VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR DEAR FRIENDS! We wish you a year full of unforgettable moments.  Spark  their dreams, it’s not so hard!  Just forget the fears and encouraged, then it all comes out well!

In fact, everything goes so well that we decided to go after our dream and follow the odyssey to France!  The idea was present from Brazil but we wanted to ensure that it was possible we could make our own money on the road, the trip helps us grow as few other experiences.  Now that we announced there is no turning back!  Hopefully everything works out!

Sunday 015 Sunday 014

The idea is to cross the Pacific from California to reach Vladivostok in Russia.  We will drive to Mongolia (China seems too complicated with the bus) and then Kazakhstan.  Many possibilities to enter Europe but by the time the route that inspires us the best is Turkey, Greece, Yugoslavia, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium ... And France, of course.

Sunday 003

We have to get a lot of visas but luckily all countries are represented in New York.  In any case, should stay at least two weeks.  The opportunity for discover this city that never stops to fascinate us and enjoy the beautiful friends that we are doing here.

Sunday 024 Sunday 042 Sunday 020

Manny being accommodated us all this time and do not know how we do to thank him.  Your home is warmer than an afternoon in the desert allows us to live very nice moments and gave us a beautiful Christmas.  With their children Mep and Crystal, Cindy and their two children, we feel all the warmth of this day.

Navidad 005 Navidad 007

Navidad 011 Navidad 012

We have also found with the DAS VOLKS club and a pair of gold: Steve and Maria, with whom we were exchanging messages for months.  In the traditional diners of Long Island, New York Botanical Garden ... unforgettable moments.  Thank you!

With Steve and Maria 015 With Steve and Maria 018 With Steve and Maria 010
With Steve and Maria 026 Avec Steve et Maria

Yesterday, for the last day of the year, New York was covered in his white coat.  We take to return to Central Park, walking through the place where was killed John Lennon.  Meanwhile we remembered the old songs and we remembered those days when young people were bought VW buses and wanted to go by Kathmandu.  A good place to walk the last day of the year, no?

31 décembre 009 31 décembre 00531 décembre 013 31 décembre 00331 décembre 010

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