Enjoying the South West

Dear friends!

We are writing these lines from Zion National Park, where we spent the two last days. Before that, we discovered the route 88 in Arizona, Monument Valley, Arches N.P. and Bryce Canyon. It’s hard to express 8even more in english) how much we loved these places!

Monument Valley 016 
They’re now part of our favorite landscapes in the world and we really want to come back one day, with our children and with our fathers, so they can see pure beauty.

Monument Valley 019 (More pictures on the main page of the site)

We still have to see the Grand Canyon. It will probably be around wednesday. Then we will take the road to Vegas, where we should spend some days. After that, we’ll go to visit Death Valley and Yosemite. Then we’ll be in California, with a lot of important things to reach and to do before we can start the Second part of the journey.

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