Next step: Asia

We are still in the bay area, preparing the second step of this trip: Asia. Finally, we’re not going to ship the bus directly to Russia, because the prices are a lot too expensives. We will first discover a fascinating country: JAPAN!! Then we’ll take a ferry to Russia. We’re working hard to get prepared!


This means working a lot on the bus and you know how is this: when you start looking on the engine to fix a little trouble, you find 10 other things that are not running so good and would need to be changed or repared. Hopefully, and as always oin this trip, we met wonderful people who helped us a lot. We’re staying in the house of Mike, Ann and their two daughters Mia and Ava, in a little town called Moraga, few miles away from San Francisco. There we visited the consulates and enjoyed one of our favorite cities in the U.S.

San Francisco 087

Last week, we went to the Kelly Park VW show, had a beautiful day with sun and met a lot of good people.

Mid april 019



After the show Robb helped us to fix the part of the roof rack which was broken and we had a very nice moments with the guys from the club.

Mid april 032

We also met Rex, an amazingly nice guy who spent time in Argentina many years ago. We are staying in the house of his numerous family (Rex abd his wife Jane have 6 kids!) in Merced, working with him on the engine and making new T-shirts. A lot of work to be ready for ASIA!

Mid april 055


Thanks to him we made a lot of contacts in California and… In Japan! He spoke about us of the organizator of one of the biggest VW events in Calfirornia: the Bug In, in Southern Los Angeles. We’ve been invited by the organizator and it seens that we’ll have a very nice place to sell and present our journey!

It will be our last stop with the bus in America because on Monday we´ll have to leave the bus in the port of Oakland, just few miles away from the house of Mike and ann, where we will stay two more weeks before we take the plane to Tokyo. We’re living our last days in the US!

Good bye friends!!

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  1. What parts of Japan are you planning to visit? You know they drive on the opposite side of the road there, right? ;) One thing I learned when I was in Japan, is that some prefectures don't have street names and navigating is difficult. Make sure you get some good maps before you leave and do most of your navigation homework ahead of time.

    The U.S. will miss you. Best of luck on the journey to Japan and on your passage to Russia. You are now moving on into a part of the trip where few people speak French, English or Spanish... what an adventure! I can't wait to see the pictures. Bon Voyage my friends! See you in France!


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