Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas: a long drive

Hi friends,

At the moment we are writing these lines we are on the interstate 10 between San Antonio and El Paso, TX. It was a long drive to arrive here, we crossed five states in only four days. Last Saturday, we left Miami, where we met wonderful people and we felt nostalgic but sunday we found a wonderful way to celebrate our first wedding anniversary: We spent the entire day in Disneyworld, filing like kids.

 Disney 015

Disney 044

Disney 028 Disney 049Disney 040 Disney 047Disney 052 Disney 026

We arrived in New Orleans in Thursday just in time to enjoy the Mardi Gras, it was amazing. In Louisiana we saw another aspect of the US, with more poverty, more history and more colors.

Mardi Gras 022 Mardi Gras 028Mardi Gras 029 Mardi Gras 006Mardi Gras 013 Mardi Gras 007

We should be in the Mexican border tomorrow in the evening. We are anxious to fulfill with the renovation of our visas. It would be the first step in the second part of our journey.

Mardi Gras 002

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