AUSTIN, DALLAS, NEW BOSTON and good bye Texas

Dear friends!

The days happen and they are not similar. We continued discovering this incredible country, so different from everything what we had seen until now. The sensation to live in the television was still alive and each new kilometer takes us more inside in this new world.

Here we are at the end of the autumn. The dry leaves give to the landscapes the romantic touch that they could get to need. The cold is becoming more and more intense and the bus knew his first nights with the windshield covered of ice.

Luckily the people we meet on the way offer us nice places to sleep and to have fun. In Austin, where we were after leaving Houston, we were the guests of Tricia, an old friend of Jason and Angela. She is one of those women who have energy to sell and we felt like in our house. They were delicious days.

Although Austin it is the regional capital of music and of the nocturnal life the streets of their center of business, the Power station Business District as they say here, are as desert as those of a “beaches city” in the middle of the winter. The life is concentrated in two or three commercial streets and disappears around the corner. Return to the house of Tricia and to prepare the empanadas or the decoration of the Christmas tree were like putting the slippers after a long day of work.

             clip_image004[6] clip_image005[6]

We went away Wednesday in the morning. In the highway that goes to Dallas, we made a shutdown in the house of Alma, our first meeting in the immense family VW and three hours after leaving its house we greeted the family of Robb, a member of club VW of Dallas.

We stayed with them our five days in the city. Thanks to him, his wife Sonja and her two children Amanda and Michael we could live the life of a real American family and to share moments with all the members of the club. Thanks a lot at this nice family!!!

clip_image007[6] clip_image008[6]clip_image009[4] clip_image010[4] clip_image011[6]

So welcome to Dallas, this multimillionaire city that became famous thanks to tv show, rich thanks to the petroleum and historical unfortunately when the bullet of rifle finished in the head of one of the most famous presidents of national history.

The bullet that killed Kennedy was shouted from the sixth floor of this building


Visually, the differences with Houston aren’t too much. The same towers proudly raised in right means of an infinite periphery, dances of cars and chains of fast food. Texas in entire splendor. Here they say that “In Texas, everything is bigger” and although we need comparison elements, we realize it. Everything what surrounds to us, from the trucks on the route until the commercial centers that border all the freeways and that are left the 24 hours open!


The United States of America is huge. Like Brazil, but to power 10. Quarrel, fascination, misfortune, love or hatred, it cannot leave indifferent. For our souls of travelers it is an incredible experience. These earths are made to walk and to give free course to all their desire and are exactly what we are doing!

               clip_image017[4] clip_image018[4]

Now we’re on the route of Memphis, in where we will be tomorrow. We would have to spend some days between this city and Nashville, one of the last stages in the route of… New York

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